Responsible company

A Group project

“The CHRYSO group’s sustainable development project involves two dimensions:

  • Internal, with the wish to take into account the three pillars of Sustainable Development: create wealth whilst encouraging social progress and minimizing our ecological footprint. Our aim is to be exemplary;
  • External: the belief that our solutions are incredible driving forces for the Green Revolution in building materials. Our aim is to contribute to creating the green materials of the future.”

Thierry Bernard, President

CHRYSO, a responsible company

As a responsible company, the CHRYSO group has set up a number of concrete actions on the following themes:

Green-design in R&D

  • Product design in order to reduce our environmental impact (including, for some products, life cycle analyses, and, for others, the production of environmental and health certificates).
  • Using some raw materials in the formulation of our admixtures which reduce the risks of exposure for users (internal and external ones):
    • Development of the use of vegetable-based components (biomass chemistry for example)
    • Design of solvent-free products

Industrial processes

  • Recycling of waste waters and those used for manufacturing and cleaning our trucks
  • Optimization of industrial processes in order to reduce energy consumption
  • Building of our new factories based on the “green-factory” model

Demanding management system

  • Product compliance with the most demanding regulations: REACH for chemical components, as well as international and local standards and certifications for product quality (CE, NF, BENOR, ASTM, KOMO, Green Star Rating etc.)
  • Worldwide deployment of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 50001 certifications.